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Jamaica Wedding Videographer Presents Jennifer & Shamar | Melia Braco

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Look at that girl! Look at those jeans! I’m gonna marry her and we’re gonna make some babies!


They met at Memorial Regional Hospital, where Jennifer was a staff RN and Shamar was a Travel RN. They crossed paths in the hallway, Shamar was on his way to clock-in for work and Jennifer was on her way to get coffee.


“He got a crick in his neck from looking back at me, at least that’s my side of the story” – Jen. When she got upstairs she remembered telling her friend Claudia “If you see the hunk of man I just saw in the hallway. She replied, “Really, what did he say?” She responded, “Nothing, I’ll probably never see him again”.


His pursuit of his bride earned the respect of her family members. It was a heartfelt day at the breathtaking Melia Braco as both families cemented their bond and shared funny stories of the couple.


A true celebration of love. Congratulations Jennifer and Shamar!


Special thanks to Merrick Cousley for the amazing photos:



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